4 Reasons to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

We can think of other things to do on the weekend that would be more fun than cleaning out your gutters, but it’s an important part of owning a home nonetheless. A number of problems can occur from clogs and debris build up, so don’t procrastinate or you will probably be looking at excess damages that require costly roofing services. If climbing up on ladders to scoop out dirty, mucky, debris from your gutters is not your thing, you are not alone! Many home and business owners call a Norman Gutter Cleaning contractor to have it serviced professionally for them. 4 Reasons to Have Your Gutters Cleaned When water cannot properly divert away from your home, it can cause serious damage to many areas such as your roof, fascia, soffit, and foundation. There are several reasons to be proactive with gutter maintenance and here are four we think you should consider.

Roofing Damage

If and when your gutter system becomes clogged to the degree where water is spilling over and splashing back, you can end up with rot to your roofing materials and sheathing.

Fascia Damage

The boards that run behind your gutters is called fascia. Overflowing water from improper drainage can harm this important component that is responsible for holding the weight of your gutters. Too much stress from water weight can tear your gutters right off of your home while damaging the fascia at the same time!

Cracked Foundation

When water is spilling over from your gutters and pools up against the foundation of your home, it will expand when the temperatures drop below freezing and produce cracks. A crack that is running horizontally is typically the most serious because it is usually indicating serious structural damage.

Ice Dams

If you noticed an abnormal amount of snow or ice building up on the edges of your gutters and roof or large icicle formations on the eves then you have ice dams which spell trouble. When water is unable to drain properly, it will freeze to your gutter and form what’s called an ice dam. When an ice dam is left unattended to, it can rip a gutter off completely, saturate your shingles and the sheathing underneath, and end up leaking water into your home. Edmond, Shawnee, Moore, and Norman Gutter Cleaning Experts We have many years of experience installing, repairing, and cleaning gutters of all shapes and sizes. We work on residential and commercial gutters, including aluminum gutters and copper gutters. Word of mouth means everything to us, and we pride ourselves on the highest quality work, so your property will be left spotless when we are finished. CALL Patriot Gutters LLC TODAY at (407) 701-0909

Siding Tips 101

Your Home’s exterior needs routine upkeep and maintenance to stay in good condition. This is especially true for your siding. Occasional pressure washing does help keep your siding clean says a Norman Gutter Cleaning tech, but there will always come a time when you need to do a complete siding replacement. Years of harsh weather conditions and damage from pests can cause your siding to start breaking down. If you’re siding is getting older it may be suffering from one of these issues:

  • Warping or Buckling
  • Cracking
  • Fading

Siding Tips 101 Moisture problems can occur from these issues and will commonly lead to wall rot of the external sheathing on your home. You can have very wet walls without ever noticing anything until a Choctaw Gutter Repair and Siding professional comes out to perform a repair such as damaged window trim. Upon removal of a couple of pieces of siding or trim, they then discover mushy, rotted sheathing. But how is this moisture getting in there? The main causes of this are:

  • Damaged, Faulty or Missing Window Flashing
  • Damage, Faulty or Missing Kick-out Flashing
  • Damage, Faulty or Missing Roof Flashing
  • Splash-back (commonly from a poorly draining or clogged gutter or downspout)
  • Ice Dams

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It is imperative to pay close attention to these common symptoms of siding damage. Doing so will help you decide if and when you need a siding replacement.