Time-Saving Purchases Can Help Buy Homeowners Happiness

“Money can’t buy happiness.” This is one saying we have heard millions of times before. For the most part, it is true, especially when we think of many things that can’t be bought but still bring enjoyment and satisfaction to many. Surprisingly, making time-saving purchases can help individuals “buy happiness.” According to a recent study, homeowners who outsource home maintenance tasks they can otherwise do themselves find themselves more satisfied.

In today’s blog post, Patriot Gutters LLC, your local gutter installation pros, takes a closer look at this interesting finding.

Highlights of the Study

Researchers from four different educational institutions—Harvard University, the University of British Columbia and two Dutch institutes—worked together to conduct surveys in four countries. More than 6,000 respondents took part in the study, which focused on people’s decisions in placing more value in either time or money.

Respondents were asked if they pass unpleasant daily tasks to others and pay them for their work. They were also asked to rate how satisfied they are in life upon doing so. Throughout the surveys, those who regularly spend money to save time have higher life satisfaction. That’s regardless of their working hours, marital status and household income.

Working adults in the United States, meanwhile, reported being greatly satisfied in life when they pay someone to do household tasks. Aside from cooking and shopping for groceries, some of the respondents would pay others to do general maintenance, which may include gutter repairs.

Letting the Pros Do the Work

It is true that gutter work can be DIY’d, but if you’re looking to create more time for things that are important to you, consider hiring the pros. With DIY, you are left vulnerable to various mistakes that may take even more of your time to fix. With the experts, you can be sure of flawless workmanship that will leave you satisfied and worth the money spent.

Patriot Gutters LLC not only cleans, repairs and replaces gutter systems. We also install gutter guards to provide further protection against clogs caused by unwanted debris. We are the premier local gutter contractor for your needs. Call (405) 701-0909 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve residents of Oklahoma City, OK.

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