Why Is Gutter Placement Important?

Placement is a crucial factor that impacts gutter performance, as much as sizing and material would. In today’s post, the gutter installation contractors at Patriot Gutters LLC share insight on the importance of proper gutter placement, and how it can prevent common problems.

Gutter Placement

Hallmarks of Properly-Placed Gutters

Like other types of passive drainage systems, gutters rely on gravity to ensure proper flow of the rainwater runoff. Therefore, one of the first things you should notice is the gradual slope towards the downspouts. The standard slope should be a quarter to a half inch for every 10 feet of gutter trough. Too steep a slope would result in the runoff draining too fast and lead to flooding at where the downspouts meet the troughs.

In addition to slope, the gutter troughs need to be at the right position relative to the roof edge, which consists of three key components:

1. Starter strip, or the first row of shingles.

2. Drip edge, or the flashing that goes under the starter strip.

3. Fascia, or the vertical board that covers the rafter tails or the lowermost end of trusses.

Gutters need to be placed as close to the starter strip as possible, with the back resting behind the drip edge. This facilitates flow into the gutter troughs with enough distance to let the drip edge prevent water infiltrating the roof.

The Effects of Poor Gutter Placement

Poor placement can result in problems that require gutter repairs. We have mentioned that overly-steep gutters would be too efficient and would result in flooding. A level or nearly-level gutter system would likewise be problematic: instead of flowing, water would be standing in the gutter troughs, causing corrosion and creating a breeding area for insects. Small animals may likewise make their home within. Incorrect spacing between roof and gutters can likewise result in corrosion and leaks.

How To Avoid Gutter Installation Errors

Fortunately, mistakes that result in poor gutter placement are preventable. Taking the time to pick a reputable skilled gutter contractor is the ideal first step if you are getting new gutters. Just as important is making sure the contractor has a workmanship warranty or quality guarantee, keeping in mind that installation errors usually make themselves known within the first year after installation.

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