What Goes Into a Siding Replacement Budget?

As contractors in the building industry, we are often asked by potential clients about the cost of projects like siding replacement. There is no single answer because of many variables. In today’s post, Patriot Gutters LLC shares a look at the factors that go into a typical siding replacement budget.

Siding Replacement Budget

Home Size and Shape

It goes without saying that the bigger the house, the more materials and labor will be needed. The house’s shape or footprint is certainly a factor, as protrusions like bay windows increase the exterior wall’s square footage. Complex outlines can also create more off-cuts, which may require additional siding boards and trim.


Material costs vary widely, therefore your choice of material can dramatically impact the final project cost. Manufactured materials like vinyl and composite are generally at the more affordable end of the spectrum, with wood shakes and stone at the other. The process of choosing the siding material involves its own set of variables, such as maintenance requirements, availability and even your personal preferences. A capable siding contractor can help you narrow down your choices — along with the estimated cost — if you’re unsure where to begin.


Labor encompasses more than just installation methods, which vary across siding types. It also includes preparatory steps, including siding removal and disposal. The project’s complexity is also a contributing factor. As described above, a boxier building requires less custom cuts, therefore a building with a greater number of corners will require more labor.

Hidden Issues

Your siding contractor may find issues hidden under the old siding. The framing could have dry rot, the insulation could have been damaged by moisture, or the original building contractor could have made mistakes that may compromise the building’s structure. Your siding contractor may find such issues during the initial consultation, and may include the repair costs in the estimate. It’s worth noting sometimes hidden issues are revealed after the old siding is removed. In such cases, the corresponding repair costs will be added to the final project cost.

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