Key Considerations for Siding Replacement in Historic Homes

Improvements to historic properties are not as straightforward as typical home improvements, especially if it involves changes to the exterior, like siding replacement. If you happen to own a historic home and are planning to install new siding, read on as Patriot Gutters LLC takes a look at the important considerations you need to make for such a project.

 Siding Replacement


Historic homes in Oklahoma are overseen by the Oklahoma Historic Preservation Commission. The Historic Preservation Standards and Guidelines can be found online or through their administrative coordinator. Without going into too much detail, the guidelines aim to preserve the look of the property by limiting the material choices to ones that closely matches the original.

Home improvements should make the home more durable and resistant to daily wear — the bottom line is, after all, to preserve the property. To this end, the most suitable materials are modern ones, like fiber cement or vinyl. However, if the guidelines require the use of historically-accurate materials, which may not be as durable or sustainable, you may need to compromise. This means you have to be more careful with your choice of material (treated wood of the same species as the original) and installers (experienced with restoration work, not just standard installations).

Hidden Structural Issues

Homes that haven’t had new siding in a long time are more likely to have issues like dry rot, moisture damage or mold growth. Sometimes these issues remain hidden until the old siding is removed. This is something you have to be prepared for, as it can impact your project cost. There is also the matter of contemporary building codes, as sometimes old structures can fall out of code compliance. This means corrective changes to the structure may come into conflict with preservation guidelines, which, of course, have to be resolved before the project can begin.

Wall Insulation

Siding replacement is an opportunity to solve adjacent issues like insufficient wall insulation. While the primary benefit is to save on heating and cooling costs, proper insulation can also help preserve other parts of the house that may be easily damaged by temperature extremes.

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