How to Deal With Siding Storm Damage

Facing siding damage can be a daunting experience. The aftermath of a storm can leave your home vulnerable and at risk of further damage. It’s crucial not to downplay siding problems as this significant part of your home exterior protects your living spaces from the elements.

Siding Storm Damage

In this post, siding and gutter installation experts at Patriot Gutters LLC share some tips on how to navigate this challenging situation effectively.

Safety First

After the storm has passed, take precautionary measures. Keep a safe distance from downed power lines and ladders; only assess what’s visible. In addition to checking the siding, assess if you’ll need roofing and gutter repairs but don’t attempt any DIY work.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

Complete a detailed visual inspection of your house, looking for any obvious signs of damage, such as warps, cracks, splits or holes in the siding. Also, check for missing, loose or detached pieces. Remember to take photos of all the damage, which will be essential for insurance claims.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Notify your homeowner’s insurance company about the damage as soon as possible. Provide them with the necessary information and pictures to document the claim. In some cases, it may be necessary to have an insurance adjuster inspect the damage.

Contact a Professional Siding Contractor

An experienced siding expert can provide a more in-depth inspection, assess the cost, and give professional advice on repairs or replacements if necessary.

Fix the Damage

After getting a professional estimate, decide whether to repair or replace your siding. Sometimes, a storm may cause extensive damage, making a replacement a more sound long-term solution.

Monitor Your Home for Interior Damage

Keep an eye out for leaks and condensation inside your home. Even minor siding damage can lead to severe water damage in your indoor spaces.

Take Preventative Measures for the Future

Consider reinforcing or upgrading your siding to prevent similar damage in the future. Storm-resistant siding may be a worthwhile investment, depending on your area’s climate and weather conditions.

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