Why You Need a Pro to Install Your Gutters

Rain gutter installation is an important part of home construction and improvement projects. Gutters and downspouts play a crucial role in keeping your home safe from water damage. While it may seem like an easy thing to do, the installation of a gutter system is not a good DIY project.

Here’s why you should leave the installation of your home’s gutter system in the capable hands of a professional:

Gutter Type

While you will be the one to determine the type of gutter you want, your contractor can offer you more information regarding your choices and their pros and cons. They have that kind of experience. There is also the matter of your budget, which your contractor will consider before deciding on a gutter type and material.

Materials include zinc, aluminum, steel, vinyl and copper. You may also have to decide on whether you want gutter guards for either K-style or seamless gutters. Gutter protection equipment is highly recommended especially in areas where there is plenty of foliage. Leaves, branches and other debris can end up clogging gutters without guards.


Calculating exact measurements for the length and incline of gutters is a huge reason not to do this if you’re an amateur. Gutters are not exactly parallel to the alignment of the roofline. They have a slight slope to let rainwater flow freely to the downspouts. The location of the slope is also a matter for the pros, as gutters may vary in length per house.

The wrong slope or pitch can make gutters useless. They can overflow and cause more problems than they should solve. When water does not drain properly, it can stay in the gutters, adding weight and trapping debris, as well. Eventually, you’ll notice that your gutters are sagging or pulling away from the roofline.

Placement and Hanger Spacing

Gutters are not placed right on the roofline, as this can cause water to back up and enter the roof. They can’t be too low, either, as this can render them useless. It might also affect fascia boards and make your home unsightly. A professional would know how many inches lower than the roof they should place gutters. They would also know how far apart hangers should be. Hanger spacing in areas with a moderate climate is different from spacing in a rainy area.

There are also parts of the gutter system that require flashing installation to keep the house protected from water intrusion. The absence of flashing where it is needed can lead to water damage.

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