What Gutter Size Should You Use?

Choosing the right gutter size for your home is more crucial than you think. Too small and they’ll overflow; too large and they’ll detract from your home’s aesthetics. In this blog, a premier gutter guards installer discusses how to get the right gutter sizes for your home.

Gutter Size

Understanding Gutter Sizes

Gutters typically come in 5-inch and 6-inch sizes. Either option should work well enough for any home. However, if your home has a large or steep roof, you might want to consider the 6-inch option. And aside from the size of your roof and its steepness, you also have to consider the average amount of rainfall in your area. If you experience frequent rain, you might want to get the 6-inch option since it can handle 50% more water than the 5-inch one.

Importance of Professional Gutter Installation

Leaving gutter installation to professionals is your best bet. Experts ensure the job is done right the first time and advise on the right size of gutters for your home. They also make sure everything is properly aligned and pitched for adequate drainage. By employing the expertise of professionals from the get-go, you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs down the line.

Why Choose Patriot Gutters LLC

Choosing the right size and keeping your gutters in top shape are vital for your home’s well-being. Furthermore, working with a reputable contractor ensures that your gutter replacement project is done properly.

At Patriot Gutters LLC, we provide an end-to-end solution for gutter repair, installation and maintenance. With years of experience and an A rating from the BBB under our belt, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. If you’re in Oklahoma City or Moore, OK, send us a message online or call (405) 701-0909 to request a free estimate. We’re here to safeguard your home and your family!

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