The Benefits of Installing French Drains

French drains have a simple function: they divert trapped water in the soil away from your home or a commercial property. In this blog, gutter installation experts from Patriot Gutters explain the benefits of French drains and who benefits from them.

How Do French Drains Work?

French drains are constructed by pipes buried beneath the ground in a trench and are usually located in the low or shallow parts of your home. These pipes create a pathway for water to pass through. Once water pools in the low spot of your home, it will then travel through the pipe and empty itself far away from your home. You can discuss where you want the water to exit with your gutter contractor. It can be routed to a low spot in your property, a drainage ditch or the street sewer.

Types of French Drains

Much like gutter guards, it’s possible to install a French drain by yourself, but we strongly recommend hiring a professional contractor to ensure every base is covered during the installation. Here are a few common French drain styles:

1. Shallow French Drain- This drain extends horizontally across your home to divert water away from an area. A shallow drain is a great option for dealing with surface water.

2. Deep French Drain- A deep French drain extends around your house and is ideal for preventing water from entering your basement.

3. Interior French Drain- This intercepts water that infiltrates your basement. An interior french drain is another alternative to deep french drains.

When Do I Need to Install French Drains?

French drains bring a lot of benefits to your property. For example, if your yard has a retaining wall, it prevents the water from building up behind the wall and damaging its structural integrity. Also, French drains are a great addition if you encounter basement flooding regularly. They help prevent water infiltration and redirect them away from your home at a safe distance.

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