Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Gutter Repairs?

Gutters are an important component of a home’s exterior. They help protect the roof and foundation from water damage by diverting rainwater away from the house. Extreme weather can cause damage to gutters, leading homeowners to wonder if their insurance will cover the cost of gutter repairs or replacements.

Continue reading as Patriot Gutters LLC takes a look at the scope of homeowners’ insurance coverage when it comes to damaged gutters.

Damage Types Covered by Homeowners’ Insurance 

Homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover damage to a home caused by a covered incident, such as a fire or windstorm. Policies may also provide coverage for certain types of water damage after an insured event.

Depending on the specific policy, coverage may be available for replacing gutters and gutter accessories if damaged during an insured event. This may include:

  • Damage from wind – Windstorms can cause significant damage to gutters if they become dislodged from their mounting points. This removal is due to high winds or if objects carried in high winds strike them hard enough and cause dents and tears.
  • Damage from hail – Hailstones can create small dents and cracks in metal gutter systems, resulting in leaks during heavy rains. This type of damage must be addressed immediately by an experienced gutter installation and repair contractor to avoid more serious problems.
  • Damage from trees – Trees falling into homes during storms can also cause serious structural damage, including tearing down parts of the roof. This problem would most likely require replacing the damaged portions of any connected gutter system.

Homeowners’ Insurance Exclusions

Homeowners’ insurance does not typically cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or routine maintenance. Additionally, many policies do not provide coverage for water damage from overflowing gutters that were clogged with debris before the insured event occurred.

If your gutters are damaged and you need assistance filing a claim or determining coverage, Patriot Gutters LLC is here to help. We have over 30 years of experience in the gutter industry and are familiar with the claims process for many insurance policies. Our team also provides gutter guards installation and gutter maintenance services to help keep your roofing system in great shape. To schedule a consultation, call us at (405) 701-0909 or complete our online form. We proudly serve homeowners in Oklahoma City and Moore, OK.

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