How Does Vertical and Horizontal Siding Compare?

Different factors come into play when it comes to finding the right siding for your home. In addition to the color and the type of material, you must also decide on between a vertical and horizontal siding. To help you make an informed choice, Patriot Gutters, LLC shares this guide on the comparisons between these siding configurations.


The difference in cost between vertical and horizontal siding varies widely depending on the material you choose. Generally speaking, vertical siding is less expensive due to the fewer pieces required for installation. This can make it a great option if you want to stay within a specific budget. Horizontal siding, however, may add some extra costs during installation as more pieces are required. Consider these points before getting professional siding and gutter installation.


Vertical siding tends to be easier to install, especially if it is a lighter material like vinyl. Horizontal siding offers more convenience when installed around windows, corners and doorways because its panels are connected as one piece.


Vertical and horizontal siding have different aesthetic advantages, just like other gutter guards. Vertical siding creates a classic, traditional and timeless look and allows you to mix and match colors or textures easily. Horizontal siding provides an overall unified look. Some may favor how it creates more visual interest with its variance in length than vertical styles.


Your home’s siding requires regular maintenance to remain in good condition. Vertical siding is slightly easier to maintain. It’s less susceptible to dirt, dust and residue buildup between joints due to its lack of overlap spaces. Horizontal siding may require additional effort to clean. However, it can prevent water infiltration thanks to the uniform protective barrier created by its overlapping design.


Due to its uniform pattern that uses a few seams, vertical siding is lighter and may crack easily. However, this also means easier siding and gutter repairs. Horizontal siding, on the other hand, provides superior protection from harsh weather conditions. This is mainly due to how the paneling distributes air pressure more evenly when installed correctly.

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