What to Expect in a Siding Replacement Project

Need to replace your old, worn-out siding? Hire an experienced siding and gutter installation contractor like Patriot Gutters LLC, and we’ll help help improve your home exterior and boost its aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we take a look at some of the things you can expect once you embark on this major home improvement project.

Siding Replacement

Preparing for the Project

Make sure to prepare your home days before the installers arrive on the agreed-upon start date. Trim foliage around your home, including grass, trees and shrubs. Cover flower beds and other plants so they don’t collect dust and debris. Items in your yard that are lying around or hanging beside your home, including the garden hose, pieces of outdoor furniture and potted plants, must be removed and relocated. Keep your children and pets away from the potential work zone as well.

Starting the Project

While removing the old siding, your chosen contractor for siding and gutter repairs will assess and even perform repairs if necessary to ensure the proper installation of the new siding. They’ll see to it that there’s adequate insulation to bolster your home’s energy efficiency before putting in place the new siding.

Dealing With Unforeseeable Problems

Even with the preparations, siding installers may uncover issues that could lead to delays if not addressed properly. Signs of water damage and rot necessitate repairs, which could add to the project’s total cost and/or extend the project’s timeline. Expect them to inform you about any of these obstacles as soon as they discover them.

Patriot Gutters LLC looks forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations with our siding services. In addition to replacing your old siding, we also specialize in installing gutter guards for your home. Call us today at (405) 925-0188 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding communities.

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