Vinyl Siding: Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

One of the greatest benefits offered by vinyl siding is its low-maintenance requirements. However, “low-maintenance” is not the same as “no maintenance”. In today’s post, the siding and gutter installation contractors at Patriot Gutters share the do’s and don’ts of vinyl siding maintenance.

The Do’s

Clean Your Siding Regularly — Most types of siding, vinyl siding included, should be cleaned at least once a year. The spring season is ideal for this, as homeowners are bound to be cleaning their gutters and yard anyway. Vinyl siding just happens to be a lot easier to clean. Dirt on most of the siding can be rinsed off using a typical garden hose.

Clean Your Siding Properly — Vinyl siding doesn’t require intense cleaning or special cleaning products. In case of stubborn dirt or stains, you can mix a quarter cup of dish detergent for every four gallons of water, and use a soft brush to form suds and scrub the dirt and stains out. Make sure the water from the garden hose is sprayed downwards to avoid water getting under the siding.

Perform Regular Inspections — In addition to roof maintenance and gutter repairs, you should include siding inspections as part of your house maintenance routine. Cracked, warped or loose vinyl siding will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

The Don’ts

Allow Dirt to Accumulate — As we described above, vinyl siding isn’t “no maintenance.” Dirt may not permanently stick to vinyl, but it will nevertheless be noticeable from the curb.

Paint Vinyl Siding Yourself — Vinyl siding already has molded-in colors. Manufacturing technologies have advanced to the point where today’s vinyl siding looks a lot less “plasticky” than their counterparts from decades ago. If you must have your vinyl siding painted, keep in mind that it won’t hold onto paint the same as wood does, and it’s better to leave vinyl siding painting to the pros. Also, before you decide on painting your vinyl siding, make sure it won’t void your warranty coverage.

Let Plants and Trees Grow too Close — Twigs and branches may poke and scratch the siding, so make it a point to keep the shrubbery and tree branches near the siding trimmed.

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