Siding Profile Choices: Making the Right One Count

Alongside the roof, siding is one of the most influential factors of your home’s aesthetic. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, of which profile is essential, as it can help bring out your home’s beauty and grace.


Siding Profile Choices: Making the Right One Count

You might wonder why we, Patriot Gutters, the premier gutter repairs specialist in the area, are talking about siding. It’s because we are homeowners first and contractors second. We love to take pride in our homes as well, but we also offer siding options next to our gutter product mainstays. In today’s post, we’re talking about siding profiles and how you can find the right one for your home.

Match Your Profile With Your Home’s Architecture

You can agree with a lot of blog posts out there that says the first thing to keep in mind is to complement your home’s architectural elements. The first thing to do is to identify your home’s style. For example, if your home is of the traditional type (like Craftsman or Cape Cod), you can never go wrong with traditional styles of siding as well, such as horizontal lap siding or Dutch lap.

Meanwhile, siding and gutter installation companies likewise agree that Colonial homes go well with beaded siding. Vertical profiles, with their height-augmenting illusion, can be great for one-story homes, such as a ranch.

Size Matters

At least, for siding. Siding is often laid out in panels, with width as the determining factor. The wider the siding panels, the better they are to accentuate the features of the facade, such as Colonial homes. The rationale for this is simple: narrower profiles tend to create shadows, which can literally overshadow the design of the home. If your home needs a bit of boost in the height department, however, or you want a more subtle exterior, use narrower panels.

How About Shake Siding?

Shake siding can be considered specialty siding because they fit a niche in most home styles, such as for those who want to make a woodland retreat or a rustic home with a lot of organic elements. Shake siding, unlike other profiles, are more irregular in both size, shape, and texture, which can add rugged, old-school drama to your exterior. If you want to evoke a log cabin, for example, choose mahogany or a similar color to create more interest. Gutter guards, especially if you use vinyl gutters, can be made to match.

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