How to Check Your Siding for Damage

Damaged siding impacts more than just your home’s curb appeal — it also increases the risk of moisture infiltration through the exterior walls, which can lead to rot and mold growth. This emphasizes the need to keep an eye on your siding and check for any signs of damage regularly. In this blog post, Patriot Gutters LLC shares a quick guide to inspecting your home’s siding.

Signs of Siding Damage to Watch out For

Different types of siding can be damaged in different ways:

  • Wood siding is vulnerable to rot caused by exposure to moisture, but can be prevented by repainting or resealing the wood when it shows signs of wear. Note that this is different from dry rot, which is caused by a certain type of fungi (Serpula Lacrymans) that consumes wood fibers. Wood siding may also split or warp from exposure to extreme shifts in outdoor temperatures.

  • Vinyl siding is not affected by contact with moisture, but may also suffer from warping due to temperature shifts. Some vinyl siding products may also fade or become discolored from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

  • Fiber cement siding has a core that is made with wood fiber, which means it is vulnerable to moisture damage if the outer layer, usually a baked-on coating, is damaged.

  • Aluminum siding is typically cladded by an outer material like vinyl. Aluminum that’s exposed to the elements is vulnerable to corrosion, which can be prevented with an aluminum oxide coating.

All of the siding types discussed above can be damaged by impact caused by hailstones or airborne debris. Materials with cladding or outer coatings may end up with exposed cores, resulting in rot or corrosion. Dark spots on the surface of these materials may indicate mold growth.

What to Do if You Notice Siding Damage

Before calling a siding professional for a repair quote, make it a point to document the damage by taking photos and video. Your siding contractor may recommend filing an insurance claim, particularly if the damage is caused by weather-related events. If your siding is rated for impact resistance, you may be eligible for warranty repairs.

It’s important to keep in mind that exterior components like siding, roofing and gutters are exposed to the elements, which means damage can become worse the longer the exposure. Given the smaller scope of repairs, having your siding repaired sooner rather than later may help you save on its associated costs.

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