How Can Siding Provide Better Noise Reduction for Your Home?

In addition to keeping you safe and dry from different weather conditions, your home is a peaceful retreat away from your hectic everyday life. But if you live near a busy road or a major highway, the outdoor noise can sometimes disrupt your daily routine. If you’re looking to solve this problem, consider investing in siding that can reduce sound transmission. Patriot Gutters LLC discusses this further.


Understanding Different Siding Sound Transmission Levels

Each siding material will offer different noise reduction levels. Depending on the type of siding you choose and the local environment, some may perform better than others. For instance, vinyl siding can easily reduce noise frequencies below 4,000 Hz. Vinyl outperforms other materials such as aluminum, stucco, cement and brick, but it may not be worth the investment for your home if the local noise goes above the minimum frequency. If you want better noise reduction for your home, you’ll have to consider thicker types of siding.

Heavier and Thicker Siding Can Also Help

Some organic materials such as stone are highly effective for frequencies above 4,000 Hz. However, they’re much heavier to install, which can often mean higher labor and installation fees depending on the material. To help you make the right material selection, get in touch with your local siding contractor.

If you don’t want to install heavier siding or use organic material for your installation, you can still consider other materials. Even if it isn’t pure stone, siding that partly contains this or some other organic material can also be effective against noise frequencies above 4,000 Hz. Composite siding, for instance, provides a good noise reduction barrier because of its composition.

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