3 Things to Keep in Mind When Mixing Siding Textures

Mixing and matching different siding textures and colors creates a distinct look that can help your exterior stand out. However, keep in mind coordinating colors and textures can be tricky.

Patriot Gutters, your trusted gutter repairs and exterior remodeling company, lists the things you need to keep in mind when mixing and matching siding textures:

Siding Textures

1. Color and Texture Contrast 

Color and texture contrast can liven up your exterior. To create texture contrast, you can pair smooth siding with rough brick and stone. As for creating color contrast, you can pair analogous colors together. Analogous colors located opposite to each other on the color wheel can brighten up a dull exterior. Alternatively, you can use a triad color scheme, which consists of one dominant color and two colors from either side of a complementary color. Triad color schemes should follow the 60-30-10 rule: one shade will be used as the dominant color, another hue will serve as a secondary color and the third color will be used sparingly as an accent.

2. Create Focal Points 

Focal points are areas that can immediately capture your attention. To create one, you can place mixed or special siding textures near architectural features, like a window, portico or gutter installation.

3. Wider Design Trends 

Trendy colors and textures can add a bit of personality to your exterior. However, they also tend to go out of style quickly. To protect the returns on investment on a siding replacement, you need to choose classic color and siding combinations that can withstand the test of time.

There’s a reason why certain color combinations have been traditionally used in certain architectural styles. It’s because they work so well together. For instance, traditional Craftsman-style homes are made of brick, fieldstone and wood and feature moss green and white, dark gray and white, and cream and blue in their color schemes.

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