How Do Leaves Damage Your Roof and Gutters?

Falling leaves might look harmless, but they can cause roof and gutter damage if left unaddressed. In this post, Patriot Gutters LLC — a reputable gutter installation company — discusses the harm leaves can cause to your roof.

 Roof and Gutters

How Leaves Can Harm Your Roof

Leaves collect moisture and plaster themselves against your asphalt shingles. After rain, wet leaves stay on your roof material. In a single season, an overhead branch can shed many leaves that can cause damage.

Wet leaves will cause shingles to warp, crack or break off, reducing the roof’s longevity. Water from the leaves can infiltrate broken or missing shingles and expose your underlayment to moisture. Lastly, the weight of wet leaves can strain your roof and warp rafters.

How to Prevent Roof Damage From Wet Leaves

Trim back trees. Overhanging branches can shed many leaves in a single season. Trim branches to reduce the volume of falling leaves. Doing this also prevents small animals from nesting on your roof. If your tree branches are too tall, hire professionals to trim them.

Clean your gutters. Leaves and branches can clog gutters. This can cause water to overflow on the sides of your home, soaking into your yard and flooding your basement. Call a professional to install gutter guards and perform routine inspections, cleaning and repairs.

Inspect your roof. Professional roof inspections and maintenance will clear leaves from your roof and gutters. Regularly scheduled inspections are also crucial to keep your roof and gutter warranties valid. You can also perform roof inspections from the ground by checking for leaves and broken or missing shingles. However, a professional roof inspection provides a more thorough assessment of your roof.

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