Ice Dams: What Causes Them?

Snow looks great when you’re inside a warm home, looking at the wispy, lovely flakes as they swirl outside. But just like large hailstones or heavy rainfall, snow should not be taken too lightly—it may result in damage to your home when it freezes at the eaves. Patriot Gutters, local expert in gutter installation and repair, discusses ice dams and what can cause them.

What Are Ice Dams?

The buildup of ice on the eaves of a steep roofing system is called an ice dam. This occurs when snow melts on the roof of a heated building—like your home—and flows down. However, this meltwater eventually freezes upon reaching the eaves, which is a spot with no building heat. Over time, more meltwater runs down and freezes on this area, forming ice dams.

What Happens If Ice Dams Are Left Unattended?

Ice dams can cause water to leak through the roofing material. This may leave your roof and home’s interior vulnerable to water damage. What’s more, ice dams usually form near your gutters and their weight can compromise the system’s performance and integrity. To deal with ice dams, you’ll need to have them removed as soon as possible. Making sure your attic space has proper insulation and ventilation in the attic also helps. And if your gutters have already been damaged by ice dams? You only need to turn to a reputable contractor like Patriot Gutters for high-quality gutter repairs.

Having sturdy gutters is crucial in keeping your home protected from water damage during heavy rainfall. That’s why you’ll need to keep them in great shape all year. If they’ve been damaged by ice dams, you can call us for expert repair work, or even gutter installation if it’s beyond that. We have the necessary credentials and experience to ensure a safe and worry-free process.

Look no further than Patriot Gutters for your gutter repair and installation needs. You can also count on us for exceptional gutter guards, which further improve your existing system’s draining performance. Call us today at (405) 701-0909 or complete this form to get an estimate. We proudly serve homeowners in Oklahoma City, OK, and nearby communities.

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