3 Tips to Help You Mix Things Up With Your Siding

The siding does more than protect your home from the elements and improve your home’s energy efficiency. In fact, it’s one of the biggest players of your home curb appeal. As it defines the entire character of your home’s exterior, it’s possible to mix things up a bit to lend further interest to your home.


In this article, Patriot Gutters, the area’s pros in gutter repairs and siding installation, shares a few tips on how to put your personal touch on your home’s siding.

Use Different Colors

One way you can mix things up with your siding is by using different color palettes that consists of at least three hues to accentuate the walls, roof and accents of your home. By doing so, you can use the distinct colors to signify the change in your siding’s material. In terms of color combinations, you can opt for going with one dark and one light color to underscore the contrast. Alternatively, you can also use two different shades of the same color to make each siding stand out while meshing well with one another.

Ultimately, however, siding and gutter installation contractors recommend that you choose hues that go well with the entirety of your home’s exterior.

Play With Profiles

If you want to emphasize the change in your siding’s material, then experts recommend that you play with your siding profiles. While it may sound difficult to pull off, playing with your siding profiles can be actually quite simple. For instance, you can feature horizontal planks on your siding’s first floor and shakes or scallops on the second to make it work.

Use Different Textures

While using two different colors is a good way to mix things up with your siding, it won’t mean much if it doesn’t have any visual impact. Thankfully, you can change this by ensuring that the texture of your siding varies. For example, you can use a smooth finish on one siding system and a rugged finish on the other.

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