Which Type of Siding Profile Matches Your Home’s Style?

Your roof, doors, windows, trims and even gutter installation, makes up about half of your home’s exterior appeal. The rest of it is all siding. This is one of the reasons it’s important to put a fair bit of forethought when choosing a siding profile. You don’t want to choose a siding product that clashes with the rest of your home’s style.

Unfortunately, design decisions can be challenging for many homeowners. Hiring a skilled and experienced exterior remodeler and designer can help you make the right choices. Here are a few tips from our experts at Patriot Gutters on how to find a siding profile that blends perfectly with the rest of your house.

 Start With What You Have

Ask yourself, “What style does my home currently have?” Different styles tend to go well with different siding profiles. Your siding installation and gutter repairs contractor can recommend good colors, designs and patterns that go with your home.

 Traditional Clapboard Siding

Clapboards are characterized by their well-defined sections. Their overall style lends a bit of rigidity that is preferred by classic and older homes such as Cape Cod, Georgian, French Colonial and Craftsman styles. Use muted blues and grays to further enhance the appeal of your clapboard siding.

 Dutchlap Siding

Dutchlaps offer a slight variation from traditional clapboards in that they often have beveled sections with curved tops. Other than this, they also offer similarly strong shadow lines as their clapboard counterparts. The same home styles also benefit from Dutchlap siding, with the addition of Modern and Modern Contemporary homes.

 Shake and Shingles

Shake siding can enhance the look of old Victorian and Tudor houses much like the right gutter guards can enhance the finish of your gutters and roof. This type of siding profile offers excellent protection from water penetration and can give you home a more intricate and textured look.

Our expert exterior remodelers at Patriot Gutters can help you find the right siding profile that can match whatever style your home has. Give us a call at (405) 701-0909 or fill out our contact form to schedule a design consultation and request a free estimate on siding replacements today. We serve homeowners in Moore, as well as other neighboring areas in OK.

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