What Are the Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards?

Gutters tend to hold debris, like dried leaves, branches and seeds, preventing them from properly directing water away from your home. You need to make sure your gutters are always clean so they can serve their purpose. However, gutter cleaning can be a tedious and dangerous task. This is one reason you should consider investing in gutter guards.


Read on to discover the benefits of installing gutter guards.

Ease of Maintenance

Gutter guards prevent debris from getting into your gutters, meaning you don’t have to clean the system as often. Cleaning gutters can also be dangerous, so the task is best left to professionals. By installing gutter guards, you can save time, effort and money.

Longer Gutter and Roof Lifespan

Leaves and other debris tend to hold water, making your gutters more prone to corrosion and rust. Debris-filled gutters can encourage algae and mold growth. Overflowing gutters can also affect the structural integrity of your roof. You can save on gutter repair costs when you invest in gutter guards. They can also help extend the life of your gutters.

Water Damage Prevention

During winter, water that settles in the gutters can refreeze and form ice dams. While gutter guards can’t entirely prevent ice buildup, they can help in reducing it. The added weight of snow and icicles can cause gutters to sag and eventually pull away from the roof. You can reduce the likelihood of this damage by installing gutter protection.

In the warmer months, gutter guards can help prevent water from flowing down the sides of your home. Water that overflows from your gutters can damage your siding and foundation. It can result in extensive structural damage to your walls and cause mold and mildew growth.

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