Qualities of a Good Drainage System


Drainage systems, if properly installed, should keep water away from your roof and your foundation, minimizing soil erosion and foundation damage. In this blog, gutter installation contractor Patriot Gutters LLC discusses the qualities of a good roof drainage system.


Drainage systems are exposed to the elements, and should, therefore, be made of materials that can withstand such conditions. It also has to be made of material that has a reasonably long life span. Building product manufacturer Berger® offers gutters and downspouts made of standard galvanized steel, as well as long-lasting and durable copper.

Maintenance Requirements

Proper maintenance helps ensure your drainage system’s longevity. Having a regular maintenance and repair routine helps minimize the chances of your drainage system developing leaks. Inspections also help you see if anything needs to be adjusted. For example, if the downspout needs to be adjusted or extended, you can have products such as Flex-Drain installed. Choosing low-maintenance materials like copper, as well as installing gutter guards, are good ways to reduce needed maintenance work.


The house drainage system needs to have enough headroom to handle sudden downpours without compromising its performance. Gutters need to be properly sized according to the roof slope, the local average rainfall, and other factors. It also has to have downspouts to match.

Proper Installation

A properly-designed drainage system wouldn’t work properly if not installed by a skilled installer. Drainage systems are made of many different components: gutters, downspouts and various related accessories, all designed to route rainwater away from your home. Proper installation methods can ensure reliable performance over the drainage system’s life span, so choosing an experienced drainage system contractor is as important as choosing the right materials and accessories.


Warranty coverage is another important quality that helps the homeowner get the most out of their drainage systems. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, it should also have workmanship coverage in the event the drainage system fails due to installation errors.

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