Important Considerations When Installing French Drains

Apart from the gutter system in your roof, another way you can preserve the structural integrity of your home’s foundation is through the installation of French drains. These are landscape features found in low spots outside your home where water tends to collect. They consist of rock-filled trenches with drain pipes at the bottom. Water seeps down into the area below the ditch, collecting and channeling it to another location.

The effectiveness of French drains hinges on the selection of the pipes, their placement, and proper installation. Patriot Gutters LLC, your local gutter installation company, discusses them in detail.

The Size of the Pipes

Most residential French drain systems utilize pipes with a diameter of 4 inches. In areas that need to be drained of high water volume, six- to eight-inch pipes would be suitable. The length of the pipe, meanwhile, can be long enough to reach the nearest storm drain or ditch. Otherwise, its endpoint can be at a sump pump or dry well.

The Type of Pipes

To ensure unimpeded water flow, the pipes to be used for French drains must be perforated. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is an inexpensive and widely used option, though there are other available pipe materials. These include pipes made of polyethylene piping or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

The Placement of the Pipes

Just like how pros install gutter guards over existing gutter systems, French drains require proper installation for the features to work as intended. The bottom of the trench and the pipes should have a slope between 1–3% to ensure the flow of water toward the outlet. Materials like coarse gravel and washed stone are used to cover the pipes up to at least 12 inches.

At Patriot Gutters LLC, we can help you determine the best kind of French drain for your property. We base the installation on a variety of factors like gutter placement, lawn gradient, rainfall, and the water table around your home.

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