If You See These on Your Gutters, You Should Replace Them

A good gutter system will last as long as it’s expected lifespan, and often beyond that with proper care and maintenance. If you’re wondering whether you need a new gutter installation soon, you’ll need to check the condition of your gutters first.



Here’s what you should look for:

Water Damage

To check for water damage, inspect directly beneath the gutters on a day with favorable weather. If you find water damage underneath gutters, it may indicate that they’re leaking or overflowing with water. Look for possible clogs in your system; if there are none, this indicates that the section has a crack or a leak needs to be repaired.

Rot on Your Home’s Exterior

Gutters that are starting to fail will allow rain to cascade on your home, which can peel the paint over time. However, this might be the least of your concerns, as it may also rot the exterior wood trim elements of your home, such as door jambs and window sills. When this happens, they won’t be able to keep out the weather. It may be time to hire a contractor for your gutter repairs, if not a full replacement.

Cracks and Rust Spots

Having cracks in your gutter system defeats the purpose of a drainage system. While a few of the cracks can be fixed using some sealant and maybe a little flashing, if you see more than half a dozen sections where this is apparent, then you may want to opt for all new gutters.

As you check your gutters and downspouts for this type of damage, keep in mind that larger cracks are plainly visible on dry, clear days with the aid of binoculars. Smaller cracks, on the other hand, may only be visible with an active leak during a storm.

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