How to Prevent Birds From Nesting in Your Gutters

Birds nesting in your gutters can become a problem in the long term. That’s because any added weight can cause your gutters to sag and allow rainwater to stagnate. Not to mention their nests might clog up your gutters.

How then do you prevent birds from nesting in your gutters? And what should you do if you find one nesting up there? The gutter installation experts at Patriot Gutters have the answers.

Removing Birds From Your Gutters 

Federal law protects certain species from being trapped or disturbed. As such, the best course of action here is to have pest control remove the birds legally and humanely.

Preventing Birds From Coming Back

  1. Bird repellent – You can apply bird repellent in your gutters. Bird repellent contains substances that make it uncomfortable for birds to stay in your gutters. To make sure they don’t come back, you’ll need to reapply repellent occasionally.

  2. Decoys – Birds will avoid approaching your gutters if they think predators, like snakes or owls, live nearby. Just make sure the rubber snakes or fake owls don’t fall into your gutters. Otherwise, they may end up clogging the downspouts. Keep in mind that rubber snakes and fake owls don’t remain effective for long. Eventually, birds will realize they’re not real. It’d also be a good idea to check with your homeowner’s association if decoys are allowed.

  3. Gutter guards or coversGutter guards prevent leaves and other kinds of debris—and by extension, birds—from entering and clogging your gutters. Arguably, this is the most cost-effective and efficient solution for homeowners. Aside from keeping birds out of your gutters, they reduce your gutters’ maintenance needs. To make sure the gutter guards are installed properly, make sure to hire a reputable contractor.

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