How to Inspect Your Gutters Like a Pro

Gutters protect your roof, yard and foundation by making sure rainwater is carried away from your home. Because of their job and the various elements that they are exposed to, gutters require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure their consistent, proper performance. The good thing is that you can inspect your gutters like a gutter installation expert.

 Inspect Your Gutters

Keep reading for some tips on how to inspect your gutters like a pro.

Remove the Debris

It helps to clean your gutters before checking them for issues or damage. This way, you can easily spot cracks, holes or gaps if the surfaces are free of debris. Of course, cleaning your gutters is also crucial to their performance. It allows the proper flow of water through the gutters and prevents clogs.

You can use a garden hose to dislodge debris and other dirt. Flushing your gutter system can also help you observe the flow of water and detect any holes and leaks, which would necessitate gutter repairs.

Look Out for Water Accumulation and Cracks

If you notice that water is not flowing properly, you should call a professional to have your gutters thoroughly checked. You can note the amount of water that accumulates in your gutter. This information will be helpful to contractors during your initial consultation with them.

Check for Gaps

Gutter guards help keep dirt and debris out of your gutter system. But if a storm recently hit your area or your gutter protection system is already old, you might find gaps in there or in the actual gutters. These gaps are often due to natural wear and tear, exposure to the elements or improper installation. It’s beneficial to have your gutters checked by a professional to help you identify the cause of any problems and figure out the best solutions.

Call an Expert if Your Gutters Are Sagging

Gutter sagging happens due to debris and water accumulation. Make sure to contact a gutter professional so that you can address the sagging properly.

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