How to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Design

Much like the landscape of your home’s surroundings, the style of your home’s exterior gives an idea of your design choice and preferences. Many people walk and pass by every day and glance at the beauty that is your home, so it’s important that you want each and every detail just right, including your trim. Whether it’s a window or door trim, it helps add more depth to your home’s overall aesthetic. 


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If you want to install additional trim work or paint over your home’s existing trim, our siding and gutter installation experts has share below some useful tips to consider:

Make Use of Colors

A lot of modern homes feature large unlined windows, while properties with more traditional designs usually have smaller ones. For instance, if your home has a combination of grained wood and gray siding on its exterior, you can add a bit of light gray trimming around your doors and windows to make a strong visual statement. The white frames can also provide a nice contrast to

your home exterior’s design.

Add Different Textures 

As a reputable company in siding and gutter repairs, we also understand how different areas of the country are currently trending toward different textures. As such, we suggest considering the use of smooth finish and cedar grain textures to differentiate your projects. When you’re looking for a good way to accentuate the trim installed on your home’s exterior, work with your hired contractor to help choose the right textures that can go well with the trim of your home’s exterior.  

Consider Full Windows

French doors are sometimes called French windows, and they’re a popular choice among exterior window trim ideas. You can have French patio doors installed as large frontal windows, which is actually a popular choice when adding trim to your home’s exterior. A lot of natural light gets into your home’s interior as well, which means less need for indoor lighting, and therefore, less energy consumption.

Whether you need to have gutter guards installed by a professional or need help improving your home’s exterior design, you can count on Patriot Gutters to get the job done efficiently. Call us at (405) 701-0909 or fill out our online contact form to get started today! We serve our customers in Moore and neighboring OK areas.

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