How to Choose Colors for Your Gutters

There are several factors that affect gutter color selection, but this usually depends on existing exterior elements. In this blog, gutter repairs and installation contractor Patriot Gutters LLC shares important points to consider when choosing your gutter color.

Roof Vs. Trim Color

Home exterior color palettes are dominated by two components: roof and siding. These components are, after all, the most visible from the curb. Unless you’re planning a complete exterior remodeling project, your gutters will need to match either the roof or the trim color.

Why the roof or trim? Simple: the gutters are attached to the roof, therefore it has to look like it’s part of the roof. More than a few homeowners find this restricting, but given the amount of possible colors available, matching the roofing color actually makes color selection easier. However, if wide trim is used on your home (as the case often is with some traditional home styles) then your gutters need to match the trim. The good news is that if you decide to have gutter guards installed after the fact, matching the existing gutters wouldn’t be a problem.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are an exception to the rule, simply because they always look best when installed bare. Another advantage of copper gutters and downspouts is that they work in any exterior color palette, no need for matching. Copper gutters have so many advantages over most metal types. For instance, it doesn’t corrode. Rather, oxidation causes a beautiful green patina over time. This process begins a few days after copper gutters are installed, so if you want to preserve the shiny, “like new” look, consider having your copper gutters coated for protection.

Paint Dark Over Light Colors

If you are repainting existing gutters, never paint a light color over a dark one, otherwise the dark color could seep and blend in with the light color. If you must do this, old paint must be scraped off first. Also, make sure that issues such as corrosion and bad sealant are addressed before you begin painting the gutters.

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