Everything You Need to Know About French Drains

A French drain channels water away from your property, just like the gutter system on your roof. It is, however, located on the ground, which helps preserve the look of your landscaping and the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

About French Drains

The name may sound like it’s a fancy piece of construction, but a French drain is nothing but a slightly sloped trench with a pipe within it and covered with a layer of gravel. The concept behind it is simple and straightforward: funnel water downhill away from your property by the easiest route possible, depositing it in a more desirable place like a storm drain or rain barrel.

The Function of French Drains

Rainwater spilling out of the gutters due to existing clogs tend to collect on the ground. If left unattended, surface water on your driveway or lawn exposes your landscaping and your foundations to further damage. With a French drain, the rainwater runs into the gravel-filled trench, then into the perforated pipe that empties a safe distance from your home.

The French drain also works if your home’s basement admits water through the foundation. A deep drain is required for this, which should run around your home’s perimeter at the footing level to collect water before it can enter your basement.

How French Drains Are Constructed

An effective French drain is sloped in the direction to where you want the water to go. Generally, an inch of slope for every eight feet of ditch or trench length is recommended. Materials like washed stone and coarse gravel are used to cover the perforated pipe at a depth of between 18 and 24 inches.

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