Best Gutter Installation Practices to Remember

As a client, it’s important to know the best practices gutter installation contractors should take when undergoing a project. This ensures that you’re getting the most out of your investment. Patriot Gutters, the top expert on gutter guards and maintenance, shares more of them here.

Best Gutter Installation Practices to Remember

  1. Using a Material Checklist. All installation jobs should have a complete material list before proceeding. This includes the gutter guards to the smallest screw nails. This list should be included in every quotation that’s provided by your contractor. This helps streamline the installation process to ensure that all of the materials required to complete the job are on board before going to your home.

  2. Accomplishing Safety Checks. Your gutter installation contractors should have safety equipment ready at all times. They should also follow the proper safety protocols to ensure that no accidents will happen on the property. This is for your safety and theirs as well.

  3. Follow Precise Measurements. Gutter installation requires precision in every action. This is why it’s important to get the right measurements every time. Skilled gutter contractors will remeasure gutter lengths to get the proper number and slope. Remember that the slightest miscalculation can result in overflowing gutters and a myriad of roofing issues.

  4. Using Screws to Secure Downspouts. When installing downspouts, gutter installers should use screws instead of traditional rivets. In turn, this allows the downspouts to be removed easier when conducting routine maintenance. A good option to pick are pre-painted ¼ inch hex screws to match the look of the gutter system.

  5. Thorough Cleanup. After the job is done, your gutter installer should ensure that the job site is clean, just like the way it was before they arrived. They should also sanitize the area before and after the job to avoid contamination, which is very important.

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