Are Your Gutters in Need of a Replacement?

gutter installation is an essential part of any roof replacement project. Without gutters, roofs cannot drain rainwater properly and, therefore, more prone to water penetration and the various problems it causes. A well-maintained gutter can last you many years but, even the highest quality materials will still eventually reach the end of their life span and require a full replacement.

The years leading up to a replacement can be tricky for some homeowners. During this time, your gutters might begin needing frequent repairs. When this happens, you’ll be faced with an important decision. Do you fix up your gutters and hope they will hold for a few more years? Or do you bite the bullet and have new ones installed? Let our experts at Patriot Gutters help you answer this challenging question.

Visible Cracks and Damage

A gutter system with cracks is about as useful as a bucket with holes. When it’s raining, it’s easy to see where the gutter is leaking but during dry days, this type of problem is virtually invisible. This is why it’s important to contact your local gutter repairs and replacement contractor to inspect your gutters and downspouts as soon as you suspect that it might be damaged.

Falling Apart at the Seams

The reason seamless gutters are becoming more popular recently is because seams are an obvious weak point in many sectional gutter systems. These parts can tear away under a lot of stress, and they can also latch on to debris, causing clogging and leaks. Call your contractor at the first sign of seam trouble.

Maintenance Problems

Cleaning out your gutters is an important chore, but it is one that not many people look forward to. One way to keep your gutters protected without frequent cleaning is to use effective gutter guards that shield the troughs against obstructions. Talk to your gutter specialist about installing a gutter protection system on your home.

At Patriot Gutters, we can help you with all your gutter installation, repairs and maintenance needs. Give us a call at (405) 701-0909 or fill out our contact form to schedule an inspection and request a free estimate on gutter guard systems today. We serve homeowners in Oklahoma City and other nearby communities in Oklahoma.

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