4 Steps to Take When Preparing Siding for Painting

Painting your existing siding can be one of the best home improvement projects you will ever do. In doing so, you enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Most siding materials such as wood, vinyl and aluminum can be painted. A good paint job, however, depends on surface preparation. Before painting, you must do the necessary prep work to make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Patriot Gutters LLC, your local siding and gutter installation pros, discusses the steps to take when preparing your home’s exterior siding for painting.

Performing Repairs

Before painting your home’s siding, see to it that any damage is dealt with. Fix or replace any damaged or loose siding, making sure to remove the row of siding above the problem area to get at the nails. Cracks or holes can be filled up with exterior filler as long as the entire siding panel is still solid and intact.

Protecting the Landscape

Use tarps or plastic to cover lawn sections, shrubs and flower beds before you proceed with painting. Do the same as well if you are also doing prep work. In cleaning the siding, you don’t want soapy water to get into your surrounding landscape.

Ensuring a Clean Surface

Experts in siding and gutter repairs recommend cleaning lightly soiled siding with water from a garden hose. For stubborn dirt on certain areas, utilize a nylon brush and mild detergent along with the hose. Mold and mildew can be removed using bleach or white vinegar mixed with water.

Scraping Off Loose Paint

Blistering, peeling or any other form of damaged paint may be an indication of a poor paint job in the past. Remove them as soon as possible to reach a soundly painted surface. Use hand scrapers with razor-sharp tips or power scrapers to do the job.

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