3 Ways to Clean Your Gutters From the Ground

Climbing a ladder is often seen as a necessity when cleaning gutters. However, doing so can put you at risk of falling. That’s why it’s best to leave this task to professionals who have the skills and proper tools to perform the job safely.

If you’re still keen on carrying out this chore by yourself, you might want to do it without climbing a ladder. Gutter installation expert Patriot Gutters LLC shares three ways you can maintain the cleanliness of your gutters while staying safe.

Garden Hose

Check with your local home improvement store if they have a gutter-cleaning attachment that you can use for your garden hose. When using this attachment, you have to position yourself at the end of the gutter. Hold the attachment out and make sure it’s right above the gutter.

Once everything is set, simply turn on your garden hose and work from one end of the gutter to the other. Pause once in a while to let the water drain. If you want a more thorough clean, you can wash the exteriors of the gutters and gutter guards as well.

Leaf Blower

Check if your leaf blower comes with a nozzle attachment. If it doesn’t, don’t worry because you can purchase this type of attachment separately. The same goes for the garden hose: position yourself at the end of the gutter, and hold the attachment right above the gutter. Turn on the leaf blower, letting it blow the debris out of your gutters.

Power Washer

Use a telescoping wand and a U-shaped attachment with your power washer. Once you have secured these to your power washer, position yourself at the end of the gutter and hold the attachment above the gutter. Similar to washing with a garden hose, make sure to pause every few minutes so that the water can drain.

You can also use the power washer for the exteriors of your gutters. However, be careful in handling the tool so as to avoid damaging other parts of your home’s exterior.

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