3 Signs That Your Gutters Are Coming Loose

Your gutters are supposed to channel rainwater away from your property. This means that they should be properly secured to the roofline to make sure they function properly. The last thing you want is for your gutters to come loose and slowly detach. The gutter installation contractors of Patriot Gutters LLC explain the signs that your gutters are coming loose and why this is happening.

Gutters Are Coming Loose

1. Water Behind the Gutter

If you’re noticing water dripping behind your gutter, whether it’s a few small drops or something that resembles a waterfall, that’s an indication that your gutters are not working properly. This could mean there is a clog in your gutter system. Clogs contribute to having a gap between your gutters and fascia board, causing them to loosen

2. Loose Gutter Screws

When you’re seeing one of the gutter spikes or screws hanging out of its hole, then your gutters are at risk of coming loose as well. Spikes and screws are important accessories that hold your gutters in place and when some of them are jutting out, your gutters are not holding on to anything. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed with a few gutter repairs. You can call a contractor to hammer or tighten the loosened spikes or screws back in. However, at some point, the hole will be too worn out to screw the nail back in.

3. Visibly Loose Gutters

When you notice sagging in any area of your gutters, then it’s coming loose. Your gutters should run in a straight line across your roofing. If some parts are bowing down, then they need to be resecured with new materials.

Why Do Your Gutters Become Loose?

Gutters may slowly detach from the fascia boards due to the following reasons:

  • Debris Buildup — Dead leaves, twigs and other debris accumulating inside your gutters can cause water runoff to back up and spill out. The added weight of standing water will then be a burden on your gutter hangers. The weight will eventually pull your gutters away from the fascia boards, causing them to slowly detach and come loose.

  • Improper Installation — Proper installation is crucial to your gutter system’s ongoing performance. Without it, you can expect signs of loosening at the gutter hangers or screws. This is why you shouldn’t go the DIY route or let inexperienced or even unqualified individuals perform the installation.

Keep your property safe from water damage with a properly functioning gutter system from Patriot Gutters LLC. We also install gutter guards to make sure no leaves and debris get inside your gutters. Call us now at (405) 701-0909 or fill out our contact form for an estimate. We serve homeowners in and around Oklahoma City, OK.

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