3 Rookie Gutter Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many homeowners choose to install their gutter systems on their own to save on labor costs. The job may seem straightforward, but it’s a complex one to carry out, which means it can be easy for first-timers to make mistakes. Even the simplest of errors in installation can expose your home to water damage, leading to several issues and subsequent additional costs.

Today, Patriot Gutters LLC, your local provider of gutters and gutter guards, explains the beginner mistakes associated with DIY gutter installations.

  1. Calculating the Wrong PitchGutters may look perfectly even when seen from the ground, but they have a slight pitch that allows rainwater and debris to flow toward the downspouts. Generally, an inch or two of decline is required for every 40 feet of length. This way, no water spills to the sides or collects within the gutters. Using a level is important when mounting the gutters to check if they’re properly pitched.
  2. Choosing the Wrong Gutter TypeInstalling the wrong type of gutters can lead to disastrous results. Before carrying out the gutter installation, it’s a must that you do your research on the different gutter sizes, materials, styles, and gauge (material thickness). An aluminum K-style gutter that measures five to six inches wide is recommended in most residential homes. However, other options are available, such as 26-gauge gutter for standard use in homes located in areas with rainy climates.
  3. Installing the Gutters in the Wrong LocationA misconception about gutters is that they are installed on the edge of the roof since water run-off goes off the edge. In reality, they have to be about a few inches under the roof’s edge. This way, rainwater flows naturally into your gutters rather than toward the back edges.

Gutter repairs and installations require the expertise of the pros. At Patriot Gutters LLC, we can assure you of excellent workmanship through our trained and experienced team. Call us today at (405) 701-0909 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve residents of Moore, OK, and the surrounding areas.

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