Will You Benefit From a 6-Inch Gutter System?

Gutter systems come in various sizes, and each is meant for specific applications and optimal protection. Six-inch gutters, for instance, have a special use. When used correctly, they can keep various structures safe from water-related damage.

6-Inch Gutter Systems

Continue reading to know whether 6-inch gutters will benefit your property. Patriot Gutters LLC lists the recommended applications for 6-inch gutters.

Large Buildings

Large office buildings typically have wide roof areas that cause strong water runoff. A 6-inch gutter system has a water capacity that far exceeds a 5-inch gutter system. The former is recommended for large buildings because it can accommodate the rush of water during heavy rainfall.

Commercial Buildings

Hotels, for instance, need effective gutters to avoid water damage to their rooftop bars and facilities. A 6-inch gutter system holds more water and prevents overflowing on the roof and the ground.

Steep-Roofed Homes

Rainfall on steep roofs causes a rapid rush of water that can overwhelm 5-inch gutters. A 6-inch gutter system can accommodate the stronger flow and redirect it to the downspouts.

People Who Want an Easier Time Cleaning Gutters

If you want a gutter system that’s easier to clean, 6-inch gutters will suit your needs. With enough space to fit your hand, you can manually take out the leaves and debris and use cleaning brushes effectively. Plus, the wider mouth reduces the risk of accidentally damaging the gutter system.

People Who Want Better Fascia Protection

A 6-inch gutter covers the entirety of the fascia. The wider coverage prevents drenching the fascia and leaves it free of damage. With effective installation, your 6-inch gutter system and fascia will protect and preserve your roof for many years.

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