Can You Still Repair Rusted Gutters?

Gutters made from high-quality metals can last for years, thanks to their resistance to weather and corrosion. However, even metals with high resistance to rusting — such as aluminum and galvanized steel — can still suffer from this issue, depending on various factors.

Rusted Gutters

In some cases, rusted gutters can be repaired. Here are some methods you can try to address gutter corrosion.


Small sections of rust on gutters are repairable through sanding. Your contractor can use sandpaper to sand away the rusted surface. Wire brushes that won’t deform the material will work too. The sanded area will require a primer before you can paint it again.

When Are Gutters Beyond Sanding?

If the rusted sections have penetrated deep enough to eat away at the material and create holes, it’s best to cut the damaged section off and replace it with a new one.

If the rusted holes are causing issues in the middle of a storm, you can wait for the weather to clear enough for you to caulk the rust holes. Then, call a gutter professional to deal with the issue for a longer-term solution.

Cutting Off Corroded Sections

Severely corroded gutter sections require complete removal. Your contractor can cut off specific sections from your roof and replace them with freshly cut parts from a new gutter material. Cutting a few feet away on both sides of the rust helps reduce contamination.

However, cutting off and replacing gutter sections will create seams, which are prone to leaks. Gutter experts only recommend this as an emergency solution. Ultimately, a complete gutter replacement is the best way to go.

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