5 Best Practices for Gutter Installation

Home improvements have varying levels of difficulty. Gutter installation, for instance, is widely considered a straightforward process, attracting avid DIY-ers to the challenge. However, to ensure the correct installation and performance of your gutter system, it’s still best to hire a professional for the job.

Gutter Installation

In this post, Patriot Gutters shares five best practices we follow when it comes to gutter installation.

  1. Plan and make a list. We prepare for every gutter installation project by listing all the tools and materials needed for the job. This allows us to go through the process more smoothly and avoid wasting materials.

  2. Join sections on the ground. Assembling the sections on the ground is easier and safer than putting them together when we’re already high up on a ladder. In case we notice some parts looking a little off, we simply adjust them before installing.

  3. Apply sealant and utilize screws. Sealant must be applied generously inside the gutters. Skimping on adhesive may lead to a shorter gutter life span. Moreover, during downspout installation, we always use screws instead of standard rivets. The screws will make downspout removal easier when clearing it of debris and clogs.

  4. Trim the downspout outlet. Cutting the downspout outlet creates a cleaner and more finished look for your gutter system.

  5. Clean up. In every project we work on, we make sure to leave the property as clean as it was when we first got there. Rest assured that our team will tidy up after completing the installation so that you won’t have to deal with any clutter or waste.

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