3 Tips to Manage Stormwater Runoff Effectively

Stormwater runoff refers to precipitation that doesn’t soak into hard, impervious surfaces. It flows over rooftops, driveways and sidewalks and into drainage systems, which then empty into nearby bodies of water. As a homeowner, you must be aware of how you can manage stormwater runoff, as failure to do so can cause localized flooding, gather sediment and pollutants that may end up in natural waterways, and prevent the refilling of groundwater sources.

Stormwater Runoff

The following are some effective ways you can manage stormwater runoff:

1. Fill your soil with plants. Incorporate plants in your property, especially in areas where runoff is likely to collect or flow. The soil soaks up the water, which the plant roots absorb. In doing so, unwanted pollutants that come with the runoff are filtered.

2. Minimize concrete slabs. Instead of using concrete for your patio, why not choose pavers, flagstones or bricks? These elements are great at absorbing stormwater runoff. If you’re planning to install a driveway, consider adding a turf block. Alternatively, you can leave a strip of grassy soil in the middle.

3. Catch water runoff. To prevent the surrounding soil from soaking too much runoff, you can capture water using rain barrels and cisterns. They come in many shapes and sizes, and depending on what you choose, you can utilize runoff as a way to conserve water use in your home. Just make sure that your gutter system is in top condition to accommodate water runoff.

Patriot Gutters LLC offers services to help you get started in managing stormwater runoff. Aside from repairing and replacing gutters and downspouts, we also specialize in installing French drains. This exterior drainage system is specially designed to direct water away from your home and prevent its reentry. Based on your gutters, lawn gradient, rainfall, the water table around your home and other factors, one of our experts can help determine the best kind of French drain for your property.

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