3 Tips to Help You Mix Things Up With Your Siding

The siding does more than protect your home from the elements and improve your home’s energy efficiency. In fact, it’s one of the biggest players of your home curb appeal. As it defines the entire character of your home’s exterior, it’s possible to mix things up a bit to lend further interest to your home.


In this article, Patriot Gutters, the area’s pros in gutter repairs and siding installation, shares a few tips on how to put your personal touch on your home’s siding.

Ice Dams: What Causes Them?

Snow looks great when you’re inside a warm home, looking at the wispy, lovely flakes as they swirl outside. But just like large hailstones or heavy rainfall, snow should not be taken too lightly—it may result in damage to your home when it freezes at the eaves. Patriot Gutters, local expert in gutter installation and repair, discusses ice dams and what can cause them. Continue reading “Ice Dams: What Causes Them?”